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The Management Committee approved the Hampden-NSA Mechanicsburg Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) at a meeting on February 25, 2019. The JLUS documents reflect the input and comments received during the Public Review period conducted from November , 2018 through December 31, 2018. The final JLUS Report and Background Report can be viewed by clicking on the cover images below.

JLUS Report

The JLUS Report presents an overview of the JLUS planning process, purpose and objectives of the study and the recommended Implementation Plan.

6 MB file download

JLUS Background Report + Appendix

The JLUS Background Report provides the technical background and detailed assessment of the compatibility issues that are the basis for the JLUS recommendations. The Background Report also contains an Appendix with a regional Economic Impact Study, the Public Involvement Strategy for the project, a Memorandum of Understanding template and Public Meeting Materials.

23 MB file download

JLUS Executive Summary

The JLUS Executive Summary serves as a quick reference describing the purpose of a JLUS and providing an overview of the key JLUS recommendations.

4 MB file download

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Welcome to the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mechanicsburg Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) website. As this project evolves, this website will be your primary source for access to all materials related to the project. The menus at the top of the page provide easy access to all the key information related to the NSA Mechanicsburg JLUS.
NSA Mechanicsburg JLUS project is a joint effort led by the Township of Hampden with assistance from Cumberland County, the Borough of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, NSA Mechanicsburg and other supporting organizations.
This project is funded through a grant provided by the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment to the Township of Hampden. The NSA Mechanicsburg JLUS is an 18-month study. Overall project leadership is by Hampden Township Board of Commissioners. Project management is being conducted by Jeremy S. Miller the Hampden Township Director of Public Works. Jeremy’s contact information is listed in the Contact Us menu of this web site.

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Source: http://www.hampdentownship.us/

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