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The Hampden Township Board of Commissioners will serve as the JLUS Project Lead, Sponsor and Coordinating Entity guiding the JLUS. Two committees will support the Board, comprising township, county, military, and other stakeholders who will guide and support the development of the NSA Mechanicsburg JLUS. These committees are:

Management Committee (MC): The MC is made up of individuals appointed by the Hampden Township and includes members from local jurisdictions, the base, state agency officials and representatives from elected officials’ staff. The MC is responsible for assisting the Township with project oversight and guidance to ensure the overall goals and objectives are achieved.

Technical Committee (TC): The TC is made up of individuals appointed by the Hampden Township, many from the same organizations as on the MC, in addition to representatives from local business and home owner organizations. The TC provides technical knowledge needed to address various encroachment / compatibility issues and assist with the JLUS process. In addition, the TC is responsible for assisting with data gathering and technical reviews of the JLUS Reports.

Public Participation: Three public workshops are planned to be conducted at key points throughout this project. Each workshop will begin with a formal presentation and / or workshop activity. Following the presentation will be an informal open house session. During the open house component, JLUS Project Team members will be available to talk with the public in a one-on-one, informal atmosphere. As workshop dates and locations are set, information and meeting materials will be posted on this page. As the project progresses, links to the materials from meetings will be posted here for easy access and remain here for the duration of the project.

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