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The NSA Mechanicsburg Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative land use planning effort conducted as a joint venture between an active military installation, surrounding townships and boroughs, county, state and federal agencies, and other affected stakeholders. The primary objective of a JLUS is to reduce potential conflicts between a military installation and surrounding areas while accommodating new growth and economic development, sustaining economic vitality, and protecting the general public’s health and safety, without compromising the operational missions of the installation. JLUS programs have three core objectives:

  • UNDERSTANDING. Increase communication between the military, local jurisdictions, and stakeholders to promote an understanding of the strong economic and physical relationship between the installation and its neighbours.
  • COLLABORATION. Promote collaborative planning between the military, local jurisdictions, and stakeholders in order to safeguard the mission of the installation from future incompatible development.
  • ACTIONS. Develop and implement strategies for reducing the impacts of incompatible activities on the community and military operations. Design tools to support long-range compatibility.

NSA Mechanicsburg Study Area

NSA Mechanicsburg is situated in the southern portion of central Pennsylvania approximately 8 miles west of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The installation is located in the Township of Hampden, Pennsylvania in Cumberland County and is on the north-eastern border of the Borough of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The base is approximately 806 acres in size with 150 buildings and 8.4 million square feet of occupied space.

The JLUS Study Area encompasses all land in the vicinity of NSA Mechanicsburg with actual or potential adverse impacts on military operations at the installation.

jlus study area

The NSA Mechanicsburg JLUS has three focus areas:

  1. Seek ways to reduce traffic congestion and transportation safety issue impacting the NSA Mechanicsburg military operations, the Hampden Township and the region overall;
  2. Address stormwater issues impacting the roads servicing the Hampden Township and the NSA Mechanicsburg and address associated NPDES / MS-4 initiatives and ;
  3. Promote community development / redevelopment that is compatible with the Hampden Township’s Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan along with NSA Mechanicsburg’s needs and operational missions.

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