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Need a copy of a file? Use this menu to view project materials. All materials prepared for meetings, reports, and draft and final documents will be posted here. These materials are typically provided in a PDF (Acrobat) format for ease of downloading and use.

  • Meeting Materials – These are the materials provided to attendees of the Management Committee, Technical Committee and public meetings throughout the planning process. This includes copies of presentations provided.
    • Visioning Worksheet used to establish the vision of the community participants to inform the JLUS
  • Informational Brochures – During the development of the JLUS, fact sheets and newsletters will be prepared to keep the community up-to-date at significant points in the development of the JLUS. Check back for the latest information
    • Fact Sheet #1 describes the goals of the JLUS, the extents of the JLUS study area, why partnering is important between the military and local communities and a definition of compatibility and a description of the compatibility factors that will be studied under this effort.
    • Fact Sheet #2 describes the tools that can assist in addressing any identified issues during the JLUS process.

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